Consulting and Services


We work on the principle of integrated pest management. It requires that the use of chemical pesticides is kept to a necessary and appropriate level. Therefore, we work with a whole range of different products that allow different types of combat. We are taking to the wishes of customers who are calling l for an effective and yet gentle to human environment friendly pest control. The integrated pest management used means that biological and biotechnological products are included as well as spraying with natural ingredients and those with chemical / synthetic active ingredients. All these products have a biocide registration. Thus, the professional pest control is a wide range of available mechanisms available, from which the most appropriate means can be selected. All these products have a biocide registration.


The customer receives a detailed proof of control work listing the pests, the pesticides and the materials used. In addition, the customer will receive instructions where appropriate, any safety measures to be taken in the hours after the treatment or in the near future and giving some advice for monitoring for the future.

Facilities and services

  • Identification of the pest.
  • Maintenance contract to HACCP.
  • Object-related maintenance contracts.
  • 24 hour services.


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