Pigeon defence

Pigeons are also called the rats of the skies. Pathogens and pests can develop on the plumage of the birds, in their nests, perches as well in feces. Pests include: fleas, ticks, mites, beetles, larvae of other different insects and bacteria.

  1. Danger to residents of houses
    Transmission of these pathogens is possible onto humans, resulting in diseases such as effects on the brain (meningitis) and allergies, Paratyphoid or Salmonellosis. Homeowners are thus obliged to take appropriate actions against these birds to protect the residents.
  2. Contamination of buildings
    Pigeon droppings can damage buildings .Feces of pigeons contain corrosive acids that can eat into rock, plaster and metal sheets and will leave their visual marks. Weather conditions may worsen the effects. In addition, the droppings may cause blockages in gutters.


To prevent pollution control systems for pigeon control will be installed. Depending on requirements, the following methods can be used:
  • Netting systems
  • Bird spikes

Pictures of the different techniques are shown below:

Netting systems
Netting systems
Bird spikes
Image : Killgerm GmbH Neuss


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